Round 3 Roundup

There’s just one day left to this battle – Monday’s final matchup! I can’t believe it. I asked Katie if she’d judge the final round because the existence of this battle is entirely to her credit. As I’m writing this post, I have no idea which book she’s choosing; in fact, the two books in the final matchup really surprised me – in a great way. I think they both personify the “underappreciated” aspect of the battle – and they’re both middle grade! I’d thought it more likely that YA titles would advance to the final round. I’m wondering if it’s the strong crossover appeal that both these books have; they can each be read on multiple levels.

And so here we are, contemplating A Face Like Glass vs. Year of the Griffin. If you’ve read both, feel free to email me with the title you’d pick and why! It can be a follow up of sorts to the mock brackets.

I’m tentatively scheduling a few more posts for next week: a final roundup post, with more discussion on criteria (because obviously, having used you all as guinea pigs, I need to draw a few conclusions! 😉 ) and a breakdown of the mock brackets. They’re tentative only in the sense that I don’t know which day of the week they’ll post. Actual tentative posts include mini reviews with alternate perspectives on the books that went down early. We’ll see if those happen.

Anyway, most importantly: thank you to the third round judges for your wonderful, articulate responses and exciting choices! The site bracket has been updated for the last time – it’s full! See you all Monday at 12 noon EST for (drumroll, please) the battle winner!


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