Round 2 Roundup

What a round it’s been! Thanks to all of you for participating in the conversation! I’m not going to recap all the different discussions that took place because we’d be here for ages. I’m just going to say FRIENDSHIP and FAMILY and WOMEN and leave it at that. And a very special thank you to the fabulous second round judges for writing the pieces that sparked these discussions!

(Also, if you were too busy to participate – just want to say that I noticed you weren’t there and I missed your viewpoint! Hope you have time to join us for the three remaining matchups.) (Only three matchups left! I can’t believe it. This battle has been going by so quickly.)

Interestingly, 83% did correctly predict two of the final four books, but the rest of the mock brackets are in complete shambles – which is as it should be, I think!

Round 3 starts tomorrow and contains four fantastic books. I say this all the time (because it’s true!) but I really don’t envy the judges. GOOD LUCK, you two!


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